Attendance Features

Mark Student Attendance

Teachers can simply and quickly mark the roll anywhere, anytime on any device.

Unexplained Absence Snapshot

Snapshot delivers Principals, the school Executive, Year Group Heads and Subject Department Heads real-time unexplained student absence data.

Real-time Data

Teachers appreciate how Attendance uses real-time data to keep track of students and how this positively influences punctuality and attendance.

How Attendance Benefits You

Simply transformative

Take the lead in digital transformation for your school. Attendance delivers on clean, seamless technology and value.

Deploy easily

IT Managers and tech Support Staff are relieved that Attendance is an easy-to-deploy, resource-light, secure cloud or On-Premise solution.

Innovate with Ease

Minimal user training is needed with Attendance’s simple, clean and intuitive user interface.


Case Studies / Solutions


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