School Power Attendance is a simple, powerful and flexible solution for K-12.

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What is Attendance?

Attendance is a simple and innovative solution for school teachers, year coordinators, heads of subject departments, assistant principals and principals. It quickly and efficiently records attendance in the classroom, on excursions and for sporting and other curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Teachers can easily identify unexplained absence, record lateness and absentees.

With real-time accurate information Attendance helps schools meet their duty of care by being able to better track students.

How Attendance Works

Attendance is an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly cloud solution that speeds up and simplifies student attendance confirmation.

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Attendance for you


School leaders know that digital solutions are must-haves for digitally forward schools.  Attendance delivers EdTech at its very best for a critical school function.


For I.T. Managers and Tech Support Staff Attendance is an easy-to-deploy, resource-light, secure cloud solution.


Attendance requires no user training and is fast, enabling your IT Systems Manager and users to be up and running quickly and easily.


Attendance is a secure cloud solution that doesn’t hold any school data. It integrates with your school’s identity access management system so you can be assured of complete security.


Certified for the Standards Interoperability Framework (SIF) we ensure you can confirm attendance anywhere, anytime on any device no matter what Student Management System you operate.


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